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Big Announcement

Ricky Mabe

One Ad. Two Guinness World Records. 

One Really Big Announcement. 

Arby’s announcing they were serving Coca-Cola products was big news from two iconic brands.



The creative called to make the world’s biggest sign, in America’s smallest town.

Challenge accepted.

First up, we had to locate America’s smallest town. Monowi, Nebraska. 

It became obvious, quickly, that explaining this to the towns only resident wasn’t going to happen over the phone. So we boarded a plane. LA to Nebraska. We came home with an excited town, an excited creative team and excited brand. Now all we had to do was make a world record setting ad.

Vinly from New Jersey, Vinyl to a large format print shop in Chicago. The worlds smallest message ever printed on a sesame seed in a lab at Georgia Tech and then showing off the seed at an Arby’s in New York City. 
And then… finally to Nebraska. 

We created a brand announcement that stood out and captured major press coverage in a very brand authentic way while amplifying (not distracting from) the key message: Arby’s Now Has Coke. 

We made it. And people saw it.