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Hard Rock Cafe

Origin Story

Ricky Mabe

The World's First and Only Burger Guitar.
For Real. 

Hard Rock Cafe wanted to build awareness to their updated menu.

A phone call came in...

“Can we make a Burger Guitar, that actually works?” 

We thought about it for a beat.

“Yes, of course we can!” 

Confident in something that’s never been done before, as we do, we called a multi-award winning music producer, a brilliant music technologist and a world famous guitar builder. 

Ingredients Powered

After 8 weeks of work, we invented the world’s first burger electric guitar (patent pending) that could actually play music through the burger’s ingredients. For real.

The Outcome

The delicious instrument has a single-board micro-controller wired into the digital guitar’s circuitry which enabled musical notes to be played through the ingredients via touch capacitance. As the musician touches a bun or tomato or steak patty, a unique musical note or riff is played.
Insert burger, plug cords into burger, plug guitar into amp, and then rage.