An important message… delivered. 

First, we had to find the story. 

The Agency Called Us: "We have a Special Spectator” 

Ok awesome! That’s a really important spectator. 
“We have the Alabama Crimson Tide Football Program”  

Cool! The biggest college football program in America.

“We need to tell this sensitive story with the help of UPS."
Perfect, what’s the story? 
“ …” 
No worries, we’ll find it! 
We only had a couple of days prep before Game Day and we needed boots on the ground. 
And that’s exactly what we did when we got to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

During the location scout we found the story. During the tech scout we tightened the story. 

And during the shoot… new story elements revealed themselves, constantly.
It’s a story about a family and their little boy, of course they did.
Our nimble, efficient and flexible director and production team rolled with every wave of the tide and we came out on Game Day with a story that we are truly proud of. 
Get ‘em Cooper. Roll Tide.